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Emily, UK

There is nothing else like this in York for adult  dancers and I'm grateful I found SK Dance Fusion!


Highly recommend for all abilities. The best in York!

Larissa, Germany

Sibylle is the BEST! If you don't love dancing already, you will do after Sibylle's class.

Lucy, UK

I LOVE IT!! I was looking for some fun exercise to do, and had tried Zumba classes but didn't really enjoy them. Then I came to Sibylle's classes and couldn't believe my luck! She is so full of life and makes the classes really fun. The structure is great and I leave feeling high as a kite.. despite having done exercise.

Kath, pro dancer,

Sibylle was the first and best dance teacher I've ever had. She puts so much passion in her job and brings amazing energy in the classes that you just have to feel happy.

Erin, UK

If you enjoy dancing then this is totally the school for you!! I wish I could go to all classes every week!

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