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Dance Teacher Sibylle Kockjeu


  • Modern Dance

  • Jazz

  • Latin Dance

  • Latin Jazz

  • Commercial

  • Heels 

  • Ballroom

  • Barre

  • Technique

  • Stretching

Sibylle has taught various dance classes and workshops in both Europe and Asia for over 20 years - aimed at the beginner through to the professional and aspiring teachers.

Her passion and love for dance is evident every time she teaches. As a tutor, Sibylle is recognized to be an incredible motivator, a positive spirit and a fountain of knowledge.

Advanced and professional students gain from Sibylle's in-depth knowledge of dance and choreography as well as her proven experience of becoming successful in "the business".

Her classes are stimulating, rewarding and inspirational and show

her comprehension and passion for dance.





"Sibylle is the BEST! If you don't love dancing already, you will do after Sibylle's class."

Larissa Pia, Germany

"I eventually got around to attend Sibylle's classes. It was amazing! Sibylle was engaging and thorough! It's connected me back with my passion for choreography. Thank you!"

Aimee, professional performer, UK

"Best dance teacher I've ever had!! Motivation, power, empathy, passion all together in one person and one lesson."

Susi, Germany

"Highly recommend for all abilities. The best in York!"

Emily, UK

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